First Time? Here is some useful information about paintball.

Beginners play Beginners at Capital Edge Paintball. We take great care in separating players based on skill level. Players who are renting equipment with Capital Edge will be placed in groups with other players who also rented equipment (unless you are in a private group). Likewise, self-equipped players are split up into intermediate and advanced groups. Nobody enjoys playing with others who are far beyond their skill level, we get that. Paintball is one of the most exciting, adrenaline filled, action packed, addicting sports you can play. Unlike other extreme sports like mountain climbing, motocross, stock car racing, sky diving, whitewater kayaking, paintball is the only extreme sport that gives you a high adrenaline rush without a risk of serious injury, due to an error in judgment. It also does not require extensive training and has no barriers for gender, strength, or age.

In order to play the game of paintball, you need the following equipment: paintballs, air supply, paint marker (gun), protective head/eye gear, and the right clothes. The paintball is a nontoxic, water soluble, completely biodegradable “paint”. It is propelled through a marker by a constant air supply towards its target. The head/eye gear is a paintball specific protective mask that shields the face, neck, and ears.

What to Wear

  • Pants
  • Long sleeve shirt
  • Closed toe shoes/boots
  • Footwear must have some type of lacing
  • Good socks, you will be running a lot
  • Gloves, if you have some
  • Layer your clothes, rather than a single bulky layer
  • A beenie may be worn under the mask
  • We do rent chest protectors, for an additional fee, if you feel that is neccessary. See pricing page for more details.
  • If you are concerned your clothing will get ruined, we also rent cover-alls. See pricing page for more details.

Here at Capital Edge Paintball in Sacramento, we require that you wear long pants, and strongly suggest long sleeves. For minors both long pants and long sleeves are required. It is important to cover everything. Go for a couple light layers versus one heavy one. This minimizes the impact of a paintball.
The most important thing you will wear is your shoes. Bring something that has traction, ankle support, can get really dirty and won't hurt your feet! Don't get a new pair of boots on the way to the field unless you bring an ample supply of Band-Aids! If you do get new footwear, wear it at home for several days before you bring it to the field. Also, invest in a pair of socks designed (yes, socks are technological wonders, just like paintball gear!) for sports use. Players will not be allowed to play in sandals/flip-flops, open toed shoes, or slip-on type shoes, such as Vans/Converse. Your footwear must be closed toe and have some type of lacing. We have seen people wear lots of different things while playing. The happy people tend to wear light hiking boots or football cleats(no metal cleats). Alternatives are high top sneakers, but remember, they will get dirty (often very dirty).
Wear gloves if you have them. If you don't, buy a cheap pair of brown cotton gardening gloves. You can cut the gloves to allow you to "handle" things better. We would suggest that you cut the top half off of the glove finger that you use to pull the trigger. Teenagers and college students can take a break when it comes to fashion at CEPP in Sacramento. A lot of people wear hats or ski caps when they play. They serve a couple of different purposes, number one they give you a little extra padding on the top of your head. Number two; they give you some protection from the hot, sunny days, afterall, we are in Sacramento.
Remember, you can always take something off, but if you don't bring something, it could lessen your enjoyment.

Every person wishing to play or enter the fields for the sake of spectating or taking photographs MUST fill-out and sign a "Waiver and Release of Liability" form prior to doing so. Any persons under the age of 18 MUST have the Waiver and Release form signed by a Parent / Legal Guardian. Those under the age of 18 MUST have a new signed waiver EACH time they attend the park. All players must be a minimum of 10 years of age. Exception: Players playing SplatMaster may be between 8-12 years of age.

Everyone's biggest concern

So, your young son, daughter, or elder teenager, college student or spouse is begging for your okay to play paintball. While you’d like to share their enthusiasm for the sport, you’re concerned with your loved ones shooting paintballs at other players and being shot at. You’re also concerned with the psychological effects of paintball. Safety is highly stressed at Capital Edge Paintball. At the beginning of each session, referees/staff members go through a safety briefing with all players. Each player must wear approved safety goggles and, in addition to goggles, we enforce the use of Barrel Covers at all times. Velocity is limited to 285fps. Breaking any of the rules may result in suspension from play and/or dismissal from the park with no refund of fees paid.

Does it hurt when you get hit? First off, paintballs won’t hit hard enough to cause an injury. People have associated being hit with a paintball, to that of getting snapped by a large rubber-band. Also, most paintball players say that with your adrenaline pumping, it’s likely you won’t notice getting hit. But you still must follow the rules and regulations to ensure a safe and fun filled day.

Paintball games are safer than all the major sporting activities.

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